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An ergonomic and intuitive solution. A reasoning in communion with our users to be as close as possible to the reality on the ground.

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Coach-Adjoint features

Here are all the features that you can find in the Coach-Adjoint solution.

ecran smartphone application coach adjoint

Planning management

Do not waste anymore time ! a simple and clear view over the next 10 days with direct access to the management of your various events and data. Organize your season, your resumption dates, truce, end of season, your training sessions, your matches.

Account management

Manage all your members, your squads, your staffs, your players and keep the data season after season to better analyze the evolution of players and thus monitor the club project as a whole. Professionalize your club!

Training management

Membership, athletic preparation, compose your session with its parts and leave a comment on your session. The application allows you to create a complete session with all the necessary information and output a very professional PDF.

Calling the players

Afraid of the unknown ! Make, undo and redo your sessions … an ordeal! Organize yourself with invitations and availability and be as close as possible to the reality of the number present. Choose your starters and substitutes as well as your tactics and get an overview of your starting squad.

Design your training

Your time is precious, so no more wasting a second! Design your sessions from the software or the app in a few clicks and print or share your PDF session without further delay. By designing your exercises, you also enhance your exercise database for you or your club.

Professional PDF files

Do not waste time with word, excel, … Your Coach-Adjoint takes care of everything! Enter as much data as possible and it takes care of the rest! Ideal to accompany your season, your interviews, your diploma files. Allows you to have all the pdf before, during and after the game.

Player observation report

Follow the development of a player thanks to a questionnaire carried out with professional and semi-pro structures so as not to waste time observing the player but rather to go to the essential during his years of training from the youngest to ‘to seniors. Possibility to rate the game of each player during training and matches.

Data bank

As you create workouts and exercises you build up a personal database. This data can be shared with your club or with all Coach-Adjoint coaches.

Entering statistics

Live or offline and shared input for up to 5 people at the same time. Take the time to be home to enter the information after the game. (Goal, penalty, player positions, shots, passes, corners, free kick, cross, quality of play, faults, interventions, ball possession, sequence, cards, offside, goalkeeper, penalty …)

Philippe Ollier fondateur

Philippe Ollier – Assistant Coach Creator

The story of Coach-Adjoint

4-4-2, 5-3-2, 4-3-3. At a time of the tactical debates that flourish here or there often to the detriment of bench men, the Coach-Adjoint team has chosen cohesion and solidarity to achieve its goals. Since 2014, our team, thanks to the experience acquired, first on professional fields as players and then on the sidelines as coaches, leaves nothing to chance. A field experience that feeds the software day after day with the aim of offering the most efficient tool. Departing into the unknown, Coach-Adjoint overcame the obstacles one by one to qualify today among the coaching software that counts in the landerneau of World football.

Why choose Coach-Adjoint ?

Joining the Coach-Adjoint solution means, above all, joining a community of coaches and players in order to share and discuss a common passion!

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The user-centric solution

Indeed, Coach-Adjoint is always keen to meet the expectations of its users, continually proposing improvements and innovations.

The solution made by coaches

Coach-Adjoint was designed and built by professionals in the field, so the solution meets real needs for both coaches and players.

The community solution

With more than 36,000 registered coaches who are very active on social networks, Coach-Adjoint has become a real solution for sharing and feedback.

Our next improvements


From November 2020:

Sequencing video app: Automatic pre-cutting of your match or training … 1 click is enough! Click at the end of the action and recover 25 seconds before your click! You just have to categorize and share and voila!

Video analysis: Allows you to draw on the video to help players understand what is being done right or wrong during training or a match.

Creation of exercises in 2D and 3D: Design an exercise with the right proportions that approximates the reality of what will be found in training.

From 2021 :

RPE (perceived fatigue): To see how your players feel about the training session or the match and thus adapt their approach on a case-by-case basis.

Wellness: Before your match or your training, you will know how your player feels, this will allow you to know if you should discuss with him and also know his mental state.

Medical: Follow each small muscle, bone and tendon problem during the different seasons of the player and thus know his strengths and weaknesses over certain periods.

Supervise a club account: Allows a President or persons authorized to follow the daily operation of the “My Club” business and thus improve its growth season after season.

Supervise a franchise: Allows a federation to have an 80% Coach-Adjoint franchise and to monitor internal activities and provide feedback in the form of statistics.

ecran application coach adjoint
Coach-Adjoint opens up to the world!

The community brings Coach-Adjoint all over the world. The network of coaches knows no borders. A thirst to learn from others and a desire to improve through each other’s experiences.

Today Coach-Adjoint touches all types of football! Academy, training center, sports-studies, football class, professional club, amateur, affiliated to a federation or not through futsal and women’s football that is played at 5.7, .. 11 We pass on our passion thanks to the Coach-Adjoint solution. It is the link between many countries and its evolution has no limits!

Coach no limit !

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